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So I have learnt github action

So I have learnt about GitHub action.

Well I didn't learn it voluntarily, since I was thrown into the SDK team temporarily in my company and their travis credit has run out, but hey it really is useful!

Yes the debugging procedure can be annoying, as it is proven by my colleague, but when it works, it is so bloody satisfying!

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I have just realised




2021 Half Yearly Update

Hello internet, seems like I haven't completely come out of the hermit shell that shielded me all these time. Oh wow it has been half a year since I last posted here, sorry bout that! Well I don't think there's many visitors anyway, but I digress.

I worked on a very long post around late July right after my 2nd post, but it hasn't gone well. It was about my addiction into Virtual Youtubers since late 2018, my take on its transition from clip-based to stream-based VTubers, and the rise of Hololive amongst English speaking audience.

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Being the only one who uses git in your company whilst everyone stucked in SVN

A year after being the only man using git in my svn-based company, I guess its time to share some of my experience about git-svn. Due to the odd setup of our SVN server, I had to went through so many different solutions, that are so specific, it might only suited to this one case. For now where I stand, there are still some inconvenient workarounds just to keep my workflow running. Do take this with a pinch of salt


Before I joined the workforce in my company, I had been rather well versed in basic git command. Working in a team had gotten me comfortable with basic git workflow. I am so used to the concept of having multiple branches and local commits, and having an upstream git server, where we squash our 30+ commits made over 2 hours into a consolidated commit with nice message about what we had done.

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Hello World!

Hello there! It's been a while since I have last written anything and share it on the internet... Except some occasional Twitter posts that I'm retweeting with comments. Anyway, this has been something that I would like to try for years: blogging without blog hosting provider. It took me a month in total from scavenging appropriate framework, testing, and building this whole site, admittedly with a lot of procastination and other hobby session.

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