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2021 Half Yearly Update

Hello internet, seems like I haven't completely come out of the hermit shell that shielded me all these time. Oh wow it has been half a year since I last posted here, sorry bout that! Well I don't think there's many visitors anyway, but I digress.

I worked on a very long post around late July right after my 2nd post, but it hasn't gone well. It was about my addiction into Virtual Youtubers since late 2018, my take on its transition from clip-based to stream-based VTubers, and the rise of Hololive amongst English speaking audience. Following the Great Copyright Purge to make things hard for me to refresh my fading memory with sources and evidence, and Chinese nationalists basically expelling them out of Bilibili, I have decided to shelf the uncompleted post and let it reside in the draft for a foreseeable future.

So what else has changed since I have last written? Oh yea, if you guys pay any attention, currently the site is now being served on Cloudflare CDN. But a poor man like me will only use the free version, making the previously available HTTP/2 a opportunistic-based thing. I haven't been able to connect to my own site with HTTP/2 to be honest, but it says the option is there. Good news is I have access to their free analytics tool, which include... Oh... Only the number of visitors by country and how much bandwidth I saved. But hold on... Is this all analytics across all of my domains? Well that's helpful.

Cloudflare Screenshot Yea... Why do I even bother switching to cloudflare?

I have also been thinking about the possibility of making use of Github page and make an automated build for the blog, but I don't know.. Will it mess up with the DNS setting that I currently have putting CDN on top of CDN? And the build script that I am way too familiar with, let's see how it goes. I might do it one fine day when I feel like it, just like how this site is moved to a CDN.

Ongoing Project

I have secured a shorter domain name and I am researching on how to create a modern email stack. My current to-go alias tzhongyan dates back to when Yahoo was the homepage of most computers, and it was their username suggestion. It was created on a mistake, as 11-year-old me didn't know that "last name" in English indicates family name (or most of the time), so I have my family and given name went the other way. The result? I actually like it, but I do want a shorter alternative in case I grow a big fat finger in the future, I will have an easier time to type out my username on a smartphone screen. Also the com TLD, I am not a company and currently not planning to use my name as one.

Speaking of smartphones, I have gotten a new one. So for the old one, I am finding a new way to use it and planning to turn it into a part of my home lab. It is a Samsung Galaxy S8, which is rather powerful for non-GUI use, and I am contemplating if I can overwrite it completely with a Debian or Ubuntu server OS. Currently, I have only managed to get root access to the device, and chroot to run a Ubuntu service alongside Android. Mounting on the android filesystem works fine, but that's about it. I might need to learn more about how to flash the kernel for this phone and see what can I do with it.

Upcoming Stuff

Several upcoming things that I would like to do, including running my own mail server completely based on the new domain name I secured. If that works, I might be seeking options to migrate this blog and my empty front page onto that domain as well.

Of course, I would love to write more things on this blog. But the major problem of me being generally suck in front-end stuff and the part of me wanting to serve the whole blog statically and not wanting to use a third-party service, renders it almost impossible to implement a comment section. Although I doubt if there is any genuine reader that would like to interact at current scale. Probably might change my mind in the future.

Also probably, if I have the guts of it, I might make the source of this blog public so that some of you guys can read the unlisted draft that are half-arsed written.

And also maybe, I might rant in all languages that I speak in one post.


Seems like I am still lacking the skill to convey myself effectively. Having suffered depression and being a shut-in for a few years have drastically decreased my ability to talk to new people and probably removed any possibility to have a normal healthy relationship. None of these gave me any confidence in life nor on the internet, which means I still am a lurker in most of the community that I am in.

But if you have come and read so far, thank you very much. Please loof forward for my shorter but more frequent fragments of thought.