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Hello World!

Hello there! It's been a while since I have last written anything and share it on the internet... Except some occasional Twitter posts that I'm retweeting with comments. Anyway, this has been something that I would like to try for years: blogging without blog hosting provider. It took me a month in total from scavenging appropriate framework, testing, and building this whole site, admittedly with a lot of procastination and other hobby session.

Huh? A month? For this monstrosity?

Some of you might exclaim, but hey, this blog looks plain! It just looks like something you would get out of any framework with default theme! Now my friend, I guess you are right. Whilst testing out the framework, I did try out some of the more fancy themes. However, it either completely disintegrated on mobile, or they are just too heavy for my liking.

Even though it's generally not a problem for modern day internet and computer, I still can't justify fancy effect that serves no purpose over performance. For now, I think the most redundent part for loading this website is having to load all of the icons from font awesome just for the 3 icons I put in the footer. Whilst the rest I think they are kinda essential? And yes, this is probably the only thing I have edited from the base theme.

Now you see, there is a reason that I work as a backend software engineer. I don't like creating UI and having to fiddle with things that are graphical. Not that I don't enjoy good works of them, I just don't like working with them.

Software Engineer.. Wait, what have you been up to?

Let me check on my old blog... Hmm, last updated was on May 2015, and it's now July 2020... It's been 5 years. Wait, actually I lied, last update should be on Sept. 2019 when I was having a mental breakdown during probation period of my job. But according to blogger analytics, that post had a massive view count of 2. One is probably from me and another one is understandably a bot, so I guess that doesn't count...

Anyway, I digressed. In short, I did not gruaduate from HKU. I was so depressed that I just do not think that I could continue. So I'm back home at 2016 with a clinical depression and had to visit a psychiatrist. Apparently my depression is genetic, but the stress and lifestyle I was having in Hong Kong acts as a catalyst to make things worse. Things got under control after I take medication, and I am still taking the meds now.

Good thing is, my family has been supportive. I was, once again, sponsored and sent to a local university where I had finished my degree study. I was offered a sponsored Master research study based on our work from my team in that final year project, but the univeristy side has way too much paperwork that I eventually gave up. Funny thing is, none of my team mates are taking up the offer as well.

After graduation, I ended up in my current job as a backend software engineer in a (I guess) telco company, which writes C code for basically all production software. Ever since the COVID thing, our whole company has been working remotely, and up until today we have no plan of going back to office. To be frank, I prefer working from home. Even though working hours became longer as I don't know when to stop, I am only 5 steps away from my bed which means I save up hours of travelling time.

So what makes you start writing again?

Well, I guess one of the simple reason has to be blogging kinda become cool again. Just not in the name of blog, but in the name of articles.

After I had stop writing on my last blog, I had stopped using Facebook as well. You see, at that time naive me was trying to limit my online presence and shift focus on IRL issue.

I was largely inspired by a movie trailer from a movie that I didn't even watch, and clearly has forgotten the name as well. It was about a man that had never had a Facebook account, using a dumb phone with no internet functionality whatsoever, totally dumbfounded his newly acquired girlfriend about his existence and yada yada yada. I know it aged like milk today when I say "Facebook", just think of it as any social media you are currently into now. And yes, I was inspired to be that guy.

In return, for the past few years, I have been stucked with consuming information on the internet constantly, without a proper channel to share and express my thought and findings of any issues. Yes I have Twitter, but virtually everyone in my country stucked using Facebook, and I refused to go back. That clearly doesn't work out, having my career based on the tech industry. It's time to change that.

What kind of content can we expect?

Mainly notes I presume? I think I will start with some technical notes that I can refer to myself, such as HTTP and SIP specifications, or maybe about unicode encoding and character set as well.

I will also slip in things that are related to my hobby, such as pleasure driving and road network; or up to the more recent years, virtual Youtubers. Basically things that interest me at the time, if coupled with me having time on hand, I will write it out.


Do note that this site is not completely done. For example, I have not set a comment section because it's a static web and I'm not sure if Disqus is a good idea. Also, I have no way of determining visitor count or origins, as this whole site is served static using Nginx, and the server is shared with my landing site. I might either implement some simple logging mechanism, or serve it over CDN so they do it for me in the future.

There might also be some old link somewhere in the internet that are pointed to my old blog, might need to cater for the redirection. And oh ya, I haven't setup an error page!

Until now, thanks for reading this wall of text. I don't have the money to send bulk email, so I won't tell you to subscribe on mail. But please subscribe to the RSS feed, the framework promised me it will work.